Genre: Adventure, Historical, Comedy

Run Time: 5 Minutes


Unbeknownst to all but only the darkest corners of Canadian History, our nation has long withheld a history far more sinister than that taught to our children. The following is one such tale of our noble and peaceful Prime Minister to be, Wilfrid Laurier.

During the winter of 1865, in his mid 20’s, Wilfred Laurier is alerted to a murder and robbery from his own University. The theft in question was that of an ancient native relic known only as the Fateweaver. Laurier then set off alone in search of the perpetrator, whom he feared may very well be his friend, and student in the dark arts, Silevon…


This was one of my last projects at Humber College. The goal of the assignment was to create a film centered around a “connection” of some kind. Perhaps it was the years of failed ambitions, or cavalcade of “artistically” obsessed blowhards who culminated the course of my enrollment, but I wanted to do something a little different… I wanted to make a kick ass fight scene, have some shit blow up and dismember someone in some capacity, preferably on camera. And thus I present to you, my opus. Or knee jerk reaction. However you call it.


Written & Directed by: Shaughn Cameron

James Cox as Wilfrid Laurier

Brenden Cameron as Silevon & Undead

Shaughn Cameron as Undead & Guard

Production Design & Camera Operation: Shaughn Cameron

1st Assistant Camera Operation & Sound Mixing: Brenden Cameron

Key Grip: James Cox

Editing & Special Effects: Shaughn Cameron

Music from:

Children of Dune

World of Warcraft


Doctor Who

Batman Begins

Special Thanks to:

Queens University

Humber College

Copyright Eclipse Studios 2009

A Silevon Corporation Company