Genre: Documentary, Adventure, Comedy, Musical (Documedley)

Run Time: 72 Minutes

Rating: NSFW, it will just create more questions than answers


Dorchester. A small town somewhere in southwestern Ontario is home to James Cox, a modest adventurer with a knack for solving mysteries and delivering coherent dialogue.

This is the story of James, his colleagues and their epic quest to film a short documentary. But things go horribly wrong when a plot materializes before their eyes! Now pursued by mysterious foes and running out of film, our heroes must solve the case. And soon.


Half documentary, half action, half comedy… a Documedley! It’s a quest to find the arboretum… or possibly Troy… they’re practically the same thing, really. It’s a real thing. What began as an impromptu documentary about our home town for a birthday present, quickly escalated into a 70 minute long epic. After nearly 30 minutes of walking and talking it is finally revealed that Tanner’s brother, Troy, has gone missing. The investigation is threatened however by the machinations of the Welfare Ninjas, a mysterious group that is seemingly behind Troy’s kidnapping. With the exception of a few action scenes, the film was almost entirely improvised. All the dialogue was delivered without a script of any kind, with only a rough idea of where the conversation might go.


Directed by: Brenden Cameron

Produced by: James Cox

Written & Created by: James Cox

Co-written by: Brenden Cameron

Camera Operation by: Brenden Cameron

Assistant Camera Operation by: Shaughn Cameron, Marcus Couch & Tanner Drabick

Edited by: Shaughn Cameron & Brenden Cameron

James Cox as Himself

Brenden Cameron as Himself

Matt Harber as Himself

Tanner Drabick as Himself & Welfare Ninja

Shaughn Cameron as Himself & The Faceless One

Marcus Couch as Welfare Ninja

AJ Fuhrmann as Himself

Chris Muir as Himself

Megan Moorhouse as Herself

Troy Drabick as Himself

Jon Olsen as Welfare Ninja

Ms. Sharpe as The Lawn Gnome

Jake as Himself

Jenna Koenig as Herself

The Van as Itself

Stunt Work by: Tanner Drabick

Photography by: James Cox & Chris Muir

DVD, Trailer & Outtakes by: Shaughn Cameron

Copyright Eclipse Studios 2006