That’s a very good question. The simplest explaination one can give is that the aforementioned comic is a spin off of the Working Title series. However, that itself just raises even more questions. Nevertheless, it provides an ample look into the dark oddities of Southwestern Ontario and beyond.


James Cox (aka. The Catalyst) “It’s a real thing.”

A relatively life long resident to Dorchester, adventure seems to follow James where ever he goes. Whether said adventure is of his own creation, or an external force is up to Bill Watterson.¬†There’s not much to do in Southwestern Ontario, but for those who look deep enough, they will rarely be bored.

Shaughn Cameron (aka. Dreamer) “No problem.”

Shaughn and James have been friends for most of their lives. Somewhat a dreamer, he generally keeps to himself, and his machinations. Though all to often these, and the plans of his friends tend to have greater implications than they could have conceived. And all to often it leaves Shaughn in the midst of it.

Brenden Cameron (aka. Watson) ¬†“That’s enough of your reindeer games!”

Brenden and James have been friends for most of their lives. He often finds himself at the heel of the others and their impromptu adventures. Brenden generally serves as the straight-man (a relative term) to James’s more ambitious nature.

Tanner Drabick (aka. Old Man Drabick) “Oh shit! It’s the Welfare Ninjas!”

Trustworthy, and dependable, Tanner is armed with a wide variety of skills that he’s often had to utilize during his adventures. One of the most memorable being his annual canoe trips with James. A fellow filmmaker, he’s often embroiled in a love/hate relationship with the art community.

The Van (aka. Percy, Goldie, Our Serenity) “Beep! Thump!”

James’s trusty transport. Having ferried him for such a length, and due to it’s striking features it has become somewhat of an icon around town. Nay, a symbol, to be revered.

Teh Wood Duck (undefined) “I has photo teh wood duck.”

An enigma. Is it an enraged nature spirit, an horrid genetic apparition, an old one, or something worse. Regardless, it is an entity that is to be shown the upmost respect. Those who do not, are ensured to suffer its wrath.